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CIM has implemented a successful Community Transformation Program dubbed the Operation Mwolyo Out (OMO)

program in Yatta, Machakos County which has enabled the Community overcome water & food insecurity and

dependency syndrome. Since its official launch in 2009, the OMO program has become a model community

transformation model based on the climate change resilience and adaptation practices, food security and social and

economic empowerment due to the tremendous successes, having mobilized more than 5,000 households towards

Water security, Food security and Financial security. CIM’s Training Centre in Yatta engages in training people from all

walks of life to change their mindset and take the reins of their destinies.

The engagement with CIM’s Model in Yatta is structured to help facilitate the interrogation of socio-cultural issues that

undermine resilience among the communities using CIM’s Mindset change approach. The Model also offers alternatives

with special emphasis on Adaptable and Climate Smart Agricultural technologies in the context of dry land farming for